रिमझिम (Rim-jhim)


Image courtesy: webneel.com



(Rim-jhim is a hindi word which means ‘drizzling’ i.e. light rain falling in very fine drops.)

Isn’t the tranquil sight of the moon in the night sky with its sentinel like stars, the most beautiful thing ever? But not to Anna.  Looking out of the window, she said,” Another day has passed, no sign of hope. It’s like asking the sky for rains when the only thing it can give you is darkness.”

Jeremy immediately altered Anna’s statement to positive, “The moonlit sky is the testimony of the brightest of the moments and even in the darkest of the nights, the luminescent stars remind us to have hope.”

“Oh really, so why isn’t there any hope of me becoming a mother, should I go and ask the stars about that?, she retorted.

“No, I’m sorry I did not mean that”,said Jeremy.

Anna and Jeremy had been married for thirteen years now. Initially Anna hid the pain of not having a child by saying ‘Oh, it’s too early, I haven’t even enjoyed my life yet.’ But these words seemed to have taken a toll on her. Jeremy on the other hand was equally dejected but he did not let this emotional turmoil overpower him. He was somehow like Anna minus a little bit of despondency.

For years Anna had been like that, longing in remorse, waiting for a little soul to light up their home and their lives.

Days passed gloomy in her life as she could not concentrate on her life anymore. The moon was no longer beautiful to her, she felt a certain haunting in the light of the moon, though painful it helped her negate the pain. She wasn’t willing to let go of the fact that she needs to move on in her life and things will fall in place. Sometimes, Jeremy would try to cheer her up but she shielded herself from the oblivion’s curse.

Jeremy kept pretending to be his usual self with that assuring voice but he had become more of a flickering light trying to fight the mighty darkness.

“Enough,” said Jeremy. He thought to himself, “I need to share my feelings with her, we can’t go on living like this. This empty marriage is piercing my soul of its very existence.”

Having confronted Anna regarding their marriage, both of them agreed to give a chance to their marriage, and share their feelings no matter what at all times. That night they poured their hearts out, Anna and Jeremy had become one soul it seemed. How they had missed completing each other’s sentences, the sheer beauty of a heartfelt conversation. That night they talked, even when the room went dark, not even realizing that they had fallen asleep in each other’s arms.

Days now passed satisfactorily. Anna was back to normal or so it appeared to be and Jeremy was catching up with life as well. The void in their marriage was getting filled and the chaos, fading away.

One day, while she was sleeping in Jeremy’s arms like they had been from that day, she was awakened by a sudden thunder in the sky. She thought it would be raining hard but to her surprise, it was only drizzles. Jeremy woke up too but was disappointed to only see the drizzles. “So much of a thunder for these tiny drops”, he remarked.

He wouldn’t know, how would he? But Anna had got her sign.  Contently, she walked back to the bed in Jeremy’s arms.

That day, it only drizzled but it rained for the whole summer. Jeremy however, could not fathom of what had happened to the skies. The sky had become beautiful to her, the stars shining like a living hymn bearing her testimony and the moon was pale no more.

(This post is dedicated to my friend Rimjhim who recently celebrated her 21st birthday. Happy birthday and more love to you.)


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