Jumbled-up Genius.

(This post was written during my office hours as I quietly sat in the corner, all excited about my new blog.)

Relevant information first: This blog is an attempt to channelize my thoughts into a more documented state and also give a shot at writing. Feel free to be critical but nicely.

I am so proud of my title that I feel like rewarding myself(Jumps excitedly in her mind, because office). About my writing, (deep breath) not so sure. Have read a few blogs as to where to start but still completely clueless. Must have a captivating beginning they say which is exactly the opposite to my post’s beginning.

Do I write about myself, do I write about my mundane life in general and all the things I do, philosophical stuff, may be? (knows a bit but not enough to write about), college may be or yes, a travel blog (The only problem being, I know nothing about it.) Stories, essays, journals, pictures or what? (shouts out loud in the head ) Welcome to the genuine problems of a person who likes almost everything but isn’t inclined towards any. I can tell you the reason also, I pick the nice in everything.

The only thing I am clear about is that my posts should be conversations and not just lifeless write-ups.

So, here I am introducing you to this journey of musings(mostly) and rantings(but beautiful) for now. Gradually I will venture into more creative writing as I develop my interests and understand what I can do & cannot do. (Though, there’s nothing in the world I cannot do, if only I believe in myself, work hard and have faith. Courtesy: Momma)

(General movie introduction plays in the head with a nice background song.)

Hello this is Xyz, describes the setting nicely, does not leave even one detail unlike me whose description level is this. Ready to publish my first post. Yay!